Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Photo Archive 2

Oz and Jaynes performing at the Reef in Tuscaloosa, Al.
Another pic of Oz and Jaynes at the Reef. Interesting note....the guy in this picture is a recording executive from Nashville who ended up at this party with a friend of a friend.
Oz on percussion.
Jaynes plays a tune for the "leg lady."
Jaynes with (l-r) Ron Smith, Lynn Osborn (Oz's wife) and Ron Mason.

Oz and Jaynes at Mako's with special guest vocalist, Ian.

Oz stole Jaynes' "Baylor" shirt.

Jaynes stole Don Johnson's Miami Vice suit.
Oz and Jaynes at the wedding party at the home of Ronnie and Linda Mason.
Mike Jaynes

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