Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Final Days

Please read this important message from Oz and Jaynes:

Somehow, someway, we managed to make it 15 years in the escapade better known as "Oz and Jaynes". In a few days, it seems unavoidable that the furniture store will, in fact, finally close, and this site will be taken down. Oz and Jaynes have both moved on with families and professional careers. Music, which will always be important to both, has taken a back seat in priority, as it should. But damn! What a ride!

We have been fortunate enough to play all over the southeast in some fantastic settings, and have met some great and wonderful musicians as well as some awesome people. The support we have enjoyed through all of these years go way back from being discovered at the Flora-Bama, to our first gig at the Brass Register, to our awesome run at David's, to the Copper Top in Tuscaloosa, to our triumph and tragedy on multiple stages at Riverbend.

As an acoustic duo (and off-and-on trio when Jeff Lane wasn't touring the country with other bands), we never really thought about success and making it big time into the music business. We did, however, accomplish a few minor goals. Over the duration of the fifteen years, we have safely estimated that we played well over 1,000 shows. That stat alone brought us notoriety in many local and regional publications and appearances on local television and radio programming. In 1999, we released our only CD "Calm Before the Storm". We sold a whopping 250 copies (which subsequently paid for the studio time and the CD publishing expenses only). Since then, there have been a estimated 700 or so copies burned and handed out free of charge. Not to mention the numerous iPods our music has shown up on (for a brief period, you could also find it on Napster). So, somewhere in the great blue yonder, there are over 1000 copies of it floating around somewhere. Good enough for us!

But through it all, the most rewarding aspect of the entire run was meeting our wives (both met through Oz and Jaynes performances... a fact I suspect neither wife would want anyone to know); and the joy and laughter and entertainment we were able to provide to all the great people that graced us with their presence at our shows. We send this message with the utmost sincerity: THANK YOU.

In the coming days, we will post some memories, a few pics that will get many of us in trouble with our significant others, and a very large "Thank you" list from all of the years. I invite you to share this post with anyone that you know that might have come to see us over the past 15 years. We don't want to leave anyone out!

The liquidation has begun. These are our final hours, final inventory, final sales... everything must go. The doors are closing. Thank you for shopping. -Oz, Jaynes, and Lane

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